A Comparison Between Plumbing and Coordination Drawings

Plumbing shop drawings

Do you know the difference between plumbing shop drawings and coordination drawings? If not, we will give you a clear picture of the two, and let you understand the major difference.

Plumbing drawings are another type of technical drawing used in the construction industry to illustrate the layout and installation of a plumbing system in a building.

Running lines provide a detailed plan for placing pipes, fixtures, walls, and other water supply and drainage system components.

Whereas, coordination shop drawings coordinate the installation of building systems like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Fire Protection, and structural components.

Coordination drawings are created during the construction coordination to identify conflicts or clashes between the different systems.

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Let us know more about the two in the article below.

Great Information on Plumbing and Coordination Drawings

Let us learn some essential points about plumbing and coronation drawings quickly,

Plumbing Drawings

• Plumbing drawings typically show the entire plumbing system layout what a building, inclusive of all floors and levels. The plumbing shop drawings indicate the location of water supply lines, drainage pipes, and vent pipes.

• The drawings have specified the sizing of the pipes based on the expected flow rates and pressure requirements.

• Plumbing drawings indicate the precise placement of plumbing fixtures and offer measurements and reference points for accurate installation.

• Plumbing drawings use specific symbols and annotations to represent different plumbing components like walls, traps, faucets, and cleanouts. The symbols help plumbers and contractors understand the layout and connection easily.

Coordination Drawings

• Coordination shop drawings combine multiple building systems to ensure they can be installed without conflicts. The coordination drawings show the placement and routing of different components from various traits, allowing for coordination and collaboration between subcontractors.

• The drawings are essential for identifying clashes or conflicts between different systems. By overlaying the drawings of different traits, cash can be detected early in construction, preventing rework and delays.

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The Conclusion

The bottom line is that the difference between the shop drawings is clear from the above points. Find the best company to get the best shop drawings at affordable prices.

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