Definition of Paint Primer & Why It is Vital To Apply Primer?

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Painting a home is a daunting task in which applying primer may seem like an an extra step. For this reason, most people often skip this step without knowing that its benefit outweigh the inconvenience. This is because primer function as the base of a paint that helps in getting smooth finishing.

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From protecting the paintings in getting wear and tear over the years to cut down the number of coats, priming the walls make your residential painting work easier. In the long run, primers can help in getting expeet-looking finish. Read on to know more about the numerous reasons that show why applying printer is necessary.

Hide Imperfection

The first reason that show why primer application is crucial is covering the imperfections. With years of use, the walls of your home may get patched or damaged and thus need repair. Putting primer can hide all the imperfection that your walls have and make them look perfect and smooth. Even for the new walls, priming them can be beneficial.

Conceal the Stain

A primer application can save your walls from staining too. This is because primer conceal and block the stain of your previous painting so that they won’t damage and pass through the newly painted walls.

Make the Walls Smooth

As we discussed in our previous articles that primer functions as the medium between the walls and the paints. The main function of any primer is to make the painting sit well on the walls. This better adhesion also make the paint look great and last longer. If you put a coating of efficient primer, the final outcome would be seamless and shiny.

Make the Surface Neutralised

Another crucial aspect of applying a primer on the walls is it neutralise the colour of the walls. Hence, when a new shade is applied, the colour shines through its truest form. Even applying primer can lessen the endeavour of applying multiple coats too. If you apply primer on the walls for outside house paint, a single or double coating would be enough to get a perfect finish.

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So, whenever you are going to paint your home or office, ensure applying a coating of primer first. You can contact any reputable company also to know more about this matter.

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