Does Using Standard Format Help in Solving Conflicts in Coordination Drawing?

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In a construction project regardless of the size, coordination drawings play a highly important role. It is a set of drawings that are compiled in a single composite sketch. The sketch helps in avoiding any type of potential clashes at the time of final installation.

Some important phases that need proper coordination prior to installation include the following:

• Mechanical piping
• Plumbing
• Raceways
• Electrical conduits
• Electrical equipment and many more.

There are times when a few conflicts arise in coordination drawings. Though there are several ways to solve them, using a standard format may be highly effective.

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How does Standard Format help Solving Coordination Drawing Conflicts?

Using standard formats and protocols helps in solving almost all types of conflicts in coordination drawings. They ensure the highest level of clarity along with consistency in the drawing.

During the review process, the following points of drawings are given due attention:

• Naming and numbering
• Scaling
• Layering
• Labeling

Software packages that have been used for creating, editing, and sharing drawings are given the highest attention. Relying on a common protocol that has been used for reviewing and revising the coordination drawings will also help. In this era of high technology, you can make use of a cloud-based platform.

Is it Possible to Avoid Costly Changes in HVAC Drawings?

A little bit of ignorance or error in HVAC shop drawings may result in costly changes. To avoid such an unwanted situation, it is advisable to carry on with the review process carefully.

It will let in coming across almost all types of discrepancies that need to be eliminated. They may include anything from spatial to mechanical conflicts. Detection of these conflicts at the early stage will help in avoiding costly repair work in the design phase.

Several techniques that one may apply include BIM, clash detection, and 3D modeling.

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Effective Communication and Collaboration, Necessary

Another vital key to the review and approval process of coordination drawings is effective communication. It will help in the easy sharing of information along with feedback and updates promptly.

It is vital to foster a cooperative and collaborative culture where every team member will learn to compromise with each other. The final solution of the project will also be available as a whole.

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