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Types of Criminal Cases

Types of Criminal Cases – What Criminal Lawyers Say?

In the opinion of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, any act of violence forbidden by the law is called criminal activity or offense. The law of the land terms those people who commit those activities as ‘criminals.’ The law defines those activities as a criminal offense that aim at making people suffer physically, emotionally, socially, or even financially or economically. The law allows the victims to file cases against the ...

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Lodging Police Complaint Against Husband for Mental Harassment-Things You Must Know

Mental harassment is a severe criminal offense that the victims can challenge in any court of law in India. In fact, mental harassment is a part of domestic violence where the wives are often misbehaved by their husbands. The wives are free to file police complaints against their husbands for mental harassment. However, the task is usually legal and technical and that is why the wives may need the assistance ...

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How Important is Couples Therapy for a Successful Marriage Relationship?

Marriage is a lifetime relationship that should be based on the principles of love, faith, trust, and compassion. It is a relationship that should last longer and that is why both the alleys should do everything possible to get the best understanding between them. This understanding can be precious. It is here that the significance of marriage counseling or couples therapy comes into play. Usually, it is a psychological treatment ...

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What is the Role Played by a Family Lawyer in Inter-caste Marriage?

Nowadays, inter-caste marriage has become very common. Some remain happy whereas, others are worried about the reaction of their family members. As a result, family conflict results in separation between couples. In such a situation, hiring an experienced family lawyer will be a great decision. It will not only help in preventing unwanted hassles but also let in carrying out the procedure of marriage smoothly. Also Read : Knowing the Transfer of ...

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Important Things About Hindu Marriage Act 1955!

Marriage has been one of the most ancient social practices that every religion in the world agrees with and accepts. It is a social as well as a religious custom that begins a family by establishing a relationship between two people of opposite genders. Very often governments come up with various marriage Acts that accept and confirm the religious beliefs that a certain religion follows. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 ...

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Enrich Your Knowledge About Arbitration and Mediation Rules

Both these terms, arbitration rules, and mediation rules, are very significant and people need to know about them. Usually, these rules are very good and they help the warring parties to solve their disputes without the direct intervention of the court. Knowing about these two rules is very important. Also Read : Benefits of Hiring Experienced Cybercrime Lawyers Arbitration Rules: Coined together in the form of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996, ...

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Want to File a Complaint in CBI? Things You Must Know and Follow!

The Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI is a prominent central intelligence organization that handles numerous cases of various types. It is a premium investigation agency in India. It works under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions. At present, the CBI officers are largely involved in various investigation processes. Usually, the agency gets the responsibility from the Central Government however; there are provisions where people can also register ...

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